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Products and Services:

  • Disposal of Clean Dirt & Aggregate (no larger than one foot in diameter, no construction debris, no hazardous or contaminated material)
  • Topsoil
  • Compactable Fill
  • Barrow Fill
  • Clay (If Approved)
  • Concrete or Asphalt Recycling
    Brooklyn location
    (call Patuxent Companies at 443-510-3997 or 800-628-4942)
Location Map

Account and Information:

  • Payment is due up front (at the time of service) for all dump fees and/or material purchased, unless you have a Net 30 account with us. Checks and credit cards are accepted.
  • All credit card transactions will incur a 3% service fee.
  • To apply for a Net 30 account, please complete our Credit Application and email to
  • Your driver or hauler is responsible for giving the correct information to be entered on all tickets for proper billing, including job/PO numbers.
  • Office: Shelby Parlaman · Phone: 410-224-1411
    Fax: 443-221-7240 · Email:
  • Operations: Chip Bullen · Phone: 410-977-7216

Two Convenient Locations:

Brooklyn (Belle Grove)
6931 Balt-Annapolis Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21225
Hours: 7am–3pm, Monday–Friday
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Lothian (Westport Reclamation)
4944 Sands Rd
Lothian, MD 20711
Hours: 7am–3pm, Monday–Friday
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Belle Grove Corp Main Office:

(Not a dump location)
34 Defense St., Suite 300
Annapolis, MD 21401

Soil Testing and Samples:

  • We do not take contaminated material; and, we do not provide proctors.
  • You are welcome to obtain a sample from our facilities at any time.
  • Testing must be performed by a third party (i.e., Geotek or Engineer) and submitted to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).
  • Please contact MDE with any questions regarding material testing.

    MDE Contact: (for testing questions only)
    MD Dept. of the Environment
    Mining Program
    1800 Washington Blvd, Suite 425
    Baltimore, MD 21230-1708
    Phone: 410-537-3557 · Fax: 310-537-3573

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